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After millennia of misuse, pollution and destructive warfare, the Earth is damaged beyond repair and teetering on the brink of collapse. As the global community bickers on a solution, an irreparable rift forms between the East and West. The two halves of the world split: the East fleeing a polluted and overpopulated Earth to build their own planet - Nilo - and the West retreating within it’s high, impenetrable walls.

After another decade of death and disease, the second great migration occurs, leaving only a brave few on Earth. Knowing that the Earth is no longer capable of sustaining human life, the choice to stay is a death sentence.


It’s the only word left to describe a once great planet.

On Nilo, civilization is thriving, a whole planet created off of Earth’s last elemental gift: Gallantum. Wastefulness and pollution are treasonous, but in order to achieve societal peace as while as environmental stability, freewill had to be limited. Human embryos are created in labs, genetically modified for their predetermined career path; beings with mistakes in that genetic code…are terminated.

It’s not until someone musters enough courage to defy commanding law do we learn that maybe there’s more to those rumors than anyone previously thought.

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